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roadworks brewing co
12 ratings
roadworks brewing co

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Post author: Mark S
Mark S
7 months ago
Supermarket beer so low expectations out of the bottle. Pour was easy, left a body of Amber orange with one finger of head. Scent is a mild no tropical fruitiness that is dominated by bitter malt. Mouthfeel is foamy, a little bubbly and leaves a sort of oily feeling in the mouth. Taste is mostly bitter malt with a slittlr sweetness to contrast. It's aggressively average, I wouldn't buy it again.

Post author: Phil0
@ Supervalu killester
11 months ago
Bitter, fruity and hoppy in that order

Post author: Hourigan F
Hourigan F
1 year ago
Lovely strong ale fruity and mild for its strength

Post author: Ireman
4 years ago
Great beer , a beer to try