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Wiener Bier Brauerei
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Wiener Bier Brauerei

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Gegenbauer
6 years ago
Foggy, copper beer with effervescent, sustained carbonation unlocks a frothy, cream-colored head that exceeds easily three fingers but descends relatively quickly to a neat lacing on top. The contracting foamy tower leaves the glass untouched. The nose takes a couple of steps backwards due to the sweet, sugary syrup that emanates to the nostrils. Additionally, I receive bags of sweet drycake, hefty biscuit, a bit of dough and starch. The scent is rather strange but not actually unnice. The taste is relatively light; sweet bread, biscuit and dough dominate on the tastebuds. The starchy and pale syrupy nuances are still present but considerably scaled-down compared to the fragrance. The gustatory experience, and in particularly the olfactory provision, are so different from the standard spectrum of a beer that I wanted to find out what the source of these was. In addition to the regular ingredients of a beer, this beer contains wheat, emmer and "Einkorn". Emmer and Einkorn (~ single-grain wheat) are both so-called "ancient wheats". I have had emmer beers before, and they weren't even close to what this beer offers. It could, hence, be the Einkorn malt which I have never tasted before. Or alternatively, the list of ingredients is simply missing something. It now remains a mystery. The body is anyway quite light and somewhat thin. The beer ends with a tad bitter-gearing malt which still portrays a bit sweetish twist. Bread is not that sugary anymore, neither is the pale starchy syrup as prominent as it was upfront. Hops are there, not particularly strong but identifiable and bring in a little bit of edge to the aftertaste. The finish is, overall, much less weird than the actual taste. The aftertaste rolls in every nook of the mouth for a short to medium time. The mouthfeel is thin, light, medium-sappy and somewhat lip-glueing. In one word, it's odd. A bit homebrewish, as well. This beer is tough to rate. I wouldn't surely buy this again but it's not bad either. It's just something I wasn't prepared for. It would also be unwarranted to rate this low because if it was e.g. a Golden Ale, I would rate this low. Now, I don't have a comparison. Hence, I ended up at an average of 2.5 stars.