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Monkey Fist Brewing Co.
4 ratings
Monkey Fist Brewing Co.
United States

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Post author: Sirdubby
3 years ago
Malty aroma. Taste has citrusy hops backed up with a solid malt backbone. Not much lingering bitterness in this. I think I know why...I just looked at the bottom of the can and it says Oct1719. It's not a bad beer by any means, but I need to do better at looking for canned/bottled on dates. This is almost a year old, which explains the lack of hop bitterness. Oh well, still enjoyable. 3.5/5

Post author: Sirdubby
3 years ago
Christmas in July Day 4 Sweet malts and no bitterness. Not bad, but pretty one dimensional and sweet. Glad I tried it, but it's a one and done. 3.25/5

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
4 years ago
A nice APA. Has a medium caramel mat taste. Add some citrus that is mainly lemon. Has a very light bitterness. Overall a pretty nice well rounded APA. Not the best but towards the upper side

Post author: HMArnold
5 years ago