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Flying Dodo Brewing Company
21 ratings
Flying Dodo Brewing Company

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Post author: Mathieu
@ Cocotile
4 months ago
Au cocotile, pointe au cannonier a l’ile Maurice. Ce soir je deguste mauricien, au menu un burger mauricien accompagné de sa biere mauricienne flying dodo

Post author: Ihoden kaljakeisari
Ihoden kaljakeisari
9 months ago
Uusi olut pinttiin. Kavereiden tuliaisia Mauritiukselta. Komea litran pullo. Vaalea ja hieman utuinen. Pitäisi maistua pina coladalta, muttei tästä oikein sitä saa. Tosi miedosti kookosta ja ananasta. Hyvänmakuinen silti.

Post author: Tunku
2 years ago
Eipähän tämä neipaa ole, mutta juotava ale kuitenkin.

Post author: skassou
4 years ago
L île Maurice est d abord connus pour ces plages paradisiaque un peu moins pour sa phénix beer qui est pour autant plusieurs fois médaillés et cette flying dodo première vraie brasserie qui mérite d être plus connue une bonne bière artisanale

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Flying Dodo Brewing Company
4 years ago
An extra beer since it happens to be on tap. Semihazy, deep gold beer with powerful, long-lasting carbonation creates a clean white, cotton head that rises up to one finger's height. The foamy pillow shrinks soon to a beautiful lacing on top and paints the glass with thick coverings. The scent is rather restrained: nevertheless, I get lemon peel and a drop of orange juice. The taste profile is citrusy, allowing one to specifically experience lemon pulp, a tad lemon peel and a faint note of orange. Wheat malt is refreshing when it adds itself to the list. The light-bodied beer ends with relatively subdued wheat malt, lemon zest and a bit of bitter lemon peel. Orange has vanished from the finish that gives the tastebuds a bit of work for some time. The mouthfeel is light, clean and refreshing. It's also balanced, very summery as well as quaffable. The tasting pairs neatly with pasta and smoked marlin.