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Brasserie Puyricard (Bulles De Provence)
673 arviota
Brasserie Puyricard (Bulles De Provence)

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Post author: Jeremy
1 day ago
Onctueuse légère. Gingembre je cherche encore. Orange amère présente. C'est léger et rafraîchissant.

Post author: Renflow5
3 days ago
Bonne petite bière de Provence au goût intense de gingembre. C’est pas mal

Post author: Renflow5
27 days ago
Bonne petite triple, les degrés ne se font pas trop ressentir. C’est plutôt sympa

Post author: Renflow5
28 days ago
Agréablement surpris par cette bière brune artisanale au léger goût de café frappé.

Post author: Stacka
29 days ago
Bonne bière bien qu'un peu trop légère. J'ai aimé.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ OnderNulPuntVijf ONP5
2 months ago
Will this be the third beer to erupt like a volcano? I'm prepared now! I'm opening the bottle in the sink. [*Relieved*] No major disaster. Not even a minor one. Curse busted. Now the beer. The pour looks semicloudy straw. Tame carbonation builds a pure white head whose tiny bubbles form a one-finger mattress on the surface. The top is soon calm. Lemon pulp and pith find my nose easily. I can also pick wheat malt, lactic acid and a tiny injection of passionfruit. Maybe a floral note can be added to the list. Rather simple but refreshing. The tastebuds find sour apple, passionfruit, lemon zest and a bit of lemon pith. Wheat malt supports the languid skeleton. The acidic segment is relatively narrow on the tongue. 'Refreshing' is still the adjective that I would prioritize here. The body is thin. The finish is sour citrusy with a suggestion of apple vibe. Nice, the variety of dimensions reduces to half though. Sit right here on the edge of this pier and watch the aftertaste disappear; gulp a beer; gulp a beer, yeah! The mouthfeel is thin, moderately acidic, zesty, pithy and — yes — absolutely refreshing.