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Gasthof & Gosebrauerei bayerischer Bahnhof Leipzig
6 ratings
Gasthof & Gosebrauerei bayerischer Bahnhof Leipzig

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Post author: Fattasson
1 month ago
Acida e salata con lievi note dolci. Sulfurea, quasi tonno. Coriandolo

Post author: Brendan M
Brendan M
@ Bayerischer Bahnhof
2 years ago
A very interesting beer variety. Cloudy complexion hints at the taste you are about to experience which after an initial sparking surprise turns a little sour and salty on the tongue. Not a beer I would turn into a session but is definitely an enjoyable beer to drink.

Post author: Jean-Paul D
Jean-Paul D
@ Thuis
3 years ago
Bij het ontkurken van dit flesje bier van 2016 komen de aroma's vrij van de eiken sherry vaten,het bier heeft een licht zurige afdronk.