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Hopfully Brewing
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Hopfully Brewing

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Post author: DannyBoy
@ Craft Central
4 months ago
Another nice collab between Hopfully and Craft Central. Hazy, bit cloudy look when poured with a decent head that holds surprisingly well. Sweetish citrusy aroma coming through. Heeps of flavour. Moutful is a combination of citrus, sweet and hoppy flavour. Has a nice hoppy aftertaste. Would easily drink a good few pints if this! 👌 In general a big fan of Hopfully, as they are constantly releasing new microbrews. As always, artwork on the can is top notch! 👌

Post author: Rothen_7
@ La casa del Helm
7 months ago

Post author: Christian K
Christian K
@ Impasse des Cerisiers, Bellerive VD
8 months ago
Pale Ale légère, peu carbonatée, courte.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
8 months ago
This wasn't a good pour/opening! The can has been in the garage for weeks so I definitely didn't shake it. There was a small eruption when I I opened it, perhaps a little too much pressure in the can. Some silky brown foam oozed out before I could get it over the can. It poured well after this with tonnes of fizzy bubbles and left a jet black body but the chocolate brown foam rose quickly, and settled quickly too. Scent is am immediate hit of sweet caramel, brown sugar, cocoa and a little vanilla. There could be dry fruit in there too but I'm not sure if that's just the alcohol warmth. Mouthfeel is weighty but not heavy, silky smooth with only a little sign of the bubbles from before and a little warmth at the end. Taste is alcohol up front, chocolate and vanilla cone through with the sweetness of the caramel at the back. There is a slight espresso profile in the taste that I didn't get in the scent and that rides out in a dry aftertaste. An impressive imperial pastry stout