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Station Works (Alltech)
27 notes
Station Works (Alltech)

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Post author: Liam A
Liam A
2 months ago
Dry IPA, not strong aftertaste or heavy.

Post author: Laars
10 months ago
Rapsakan greippinen, ei kovin erikoinen.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
2 years ago
Another supermarket ale. Poured well out of the bottle and left a golden yellow body with a decent two fingers of white foam. Scent is a bounty of citrus hops. Mouthfeel is foamy with the same slick coating in the mouth afterwards. Taste is quite fruity, and very dry. Lots of juicy citrus upfront but little or no malt at all. This brewery seems to have confused their pale ale and ipa profiles.

Post author: Phil0
@ Supervalu killester
2 years ago
Pretty basic bulk ipa. Slightly fruity and hoppy