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Klosterbrauerei Ettal
109 ratings
Klosterbrauerei Ettal

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
3 months ago
Very excited to have found this beer at Total Wine in Houston. My son-in-law and I are going to enjoy this old style German beer. Small and very Orange head. Deep red amber color. Aroma is of deep caramel malt and a little sweet. First sip was not what I was expecting. Not sweet to me at all. Somewhat bitter, some dark bread followed by deep roasted malt. Finish adds some dryness and hints of salt. Only found traces of the Marzen flavor. Very disappointed in this beer. May not be the beers fault. My son-in-law found a level of sweetness that I did not and not the bitterness that I experienced. Mr X found some dark fruit, I certainly didn't. Next time in Houston I am going to get another can and try this again in the chance that during its trip from Texas it lost its favorable characteristics. Even though it was not my favorite, it was still a good beer.