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Alpha True Craft
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Alpha True Craft
South Africa

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Post author: George Clooney
George Clooney
4 years ago
Bière de soif sympa

Post author: Lewis BL
Lewis BL
5 years ago
Very crisp and refreshing with some light hoppy notes. Nothing too special but fulfilled it's purpose.

Post author: James A
James A
5 years ago
Lager with a bit of substance to it. Fairly strong flavour but doesn’t sit heavy so is still refreshing. Just the right balance of malt, hop and citrus.

Post author: Jason H
Jason H
5 years ago
Very refreshing, but really sweet and floral which isn’t my thing.

Post author: JulianJones
5 years ago
Pale lager, light malty taste but way too much fizz. Nice lingering aftertaste