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St Francis Brewing Co
37 ratings
St Francis Brewing Co
South Africa

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Post author: CervesiumHH
@ Bamberg
4 months ago
Nun ein drittes Bier aus Südafrika und wir fallen wieder auf die Rezi des ersten zurück. Man kann es aber hier auch noch deutlich kürzer fassen: gefärbtes Wasser.

Post author: Lewis BL
Lewis BL
4 years ago
Easy drinking with a mild fizz. Slightly floral with a bit of citrus, also fairly hoppy. It did the job but I can't say I'd choose it again.

Post author: Sean M
Sean M
4 years ago
Nothing special here at all. Blonde ale which doesn’t really do anything to blow you away. Standard blonde ale aroma. Bit of spice, hints of fruit. Same with the taste. Never really hits the spot too much. Decent mouth feel and goes down well but wouldn’t buy again. Much better out there within the type

Post author: Stuart A
Stuart A
4 years ago
Very pale coloured wheat beer style ale. Good head, light fruity aroma. Slight malty, bready flavour with notes of fruit and spice. Soft malty sweetness on the palate complimented by light hop flavours and a low bitterness. Light body and a smooth finish.

Post author: Jason H
Jason H
4 years ago
Pretty nice drink. Again, really refreshing South African beer, but lacks any real flavour. Better than a few of the others I’ve had in the Beer 52 Pack but still nothing groundbreaking.

Post author: Attackhammer
4 years ago
Not much of a taste present