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Brothers in Law Brewing (BIL)
80 ratings
Brothers in Law Brewing (BIL)

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ OnderNulPuntVijf ONP5
4 months ago
Friday and weekend ahead. 👍🏻🍺 And Dry January still on. Thus, a non-alcoholic IPA will guide me into the weekend. Pours turbid, honey-infused amber. Slightly dirty even. Carbonation is extrovert. A creamy, big-bubbled head climbs two fingers high. Standard retention keeps the messy crown alive albeit pressed downward. A haze adorns the top. The scent opens up a ripe, tropical, mushy universe. I spot ripe banana, cantaloupe, kiwifruit and a whisper of strawberry jam. Do I also pick mango? Or am I just confusing it with cantaloupe? Well, whatever. It would be interesting to learn the medley of hops, the label only reveals that the hops are from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Anyway, quite a cocktail we have! The taste carries the variety of fruits along the Tropic of Capricorn. I can still observe a bit of banana, slightly more bitter this time as if a mixture of flesh and peel. Furthermore, I find raw cantaloupe, a small amount of mango, kiwifruit and a pinch of strawberry. The same elements as in the fragrance are also here in the taste. The body rates light. Very nice for 0.3 %. The finish pushes citrusy flavors to the forefront, especially lemon pith and bitter orange peel. The tropical sensation doesn't disappear completely here either. I can feel it coming in the air tonight, see the aftertaste walking on that blue Pacific. The mouthfeel is light, somewhat tropical, soft and smooth. It's also balanced, very quaffable and easy. Even crushable. Good stuff! 🧡🧡

Post author: Henrikähk
@ Cityden Amsterdam
7 months ago

Post author: Léandre
@ Center park
9 months ago
Très sympa. Mais comme cette viande spéciale fajita à base de porc c’est le pas aussi bon que ce qui pourrait être attendu à la base