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Brouwerij Van Steenberge
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Brouwerij Van Steenberge

The Van Steenberge brewery stands for independence, progress and growth. It emphasises the traditional art of brewing adapted to the current technological developments and guarantees a reliable quality and service. Respect for our employees and care for the environment are central to our policy. Our beers excel because of the craft that created them. They are made according to the traditional rules of the art of brewing with the technology of today. Authentic top beers for the beer lovers of today. Gulden Draak : A unique, Belgian craft beer that is without equal: a strong, dark tripel with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine yeast used for the secondary fermentation contributes to the beer’s unparalleled flavour. Augustijn : The historic yeast strains give Augustijn monastery beer its mild, smooth, but very rich flavour. A beer for any occasion that excels when savoured in a relaxed atmosphere. Piraat : The power of Piraat takes you on a journey through some unique flavours based on the brewery's rich traditions. A living beer with a rich past. Set sail! Baptist is brewed on the occasion of the opening of Bar Baptist at the Van Steenberge brewery and as a tribute to Jan Baptist de Bruyne, who founded the brewery in 1784.

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Post author: Florian 6712
Florian 6712
@ Delirium Café Strasbourg
2 hours ago
Une odeur de sucre acide genre soda. Le goût est moins sucré que l'odeur le faut présager. Mais ce n'est pas vraiment ce que je cherche dans une bière...

Post author: Adrien Weyl
Adrien Weyl
@ Delirium Café Strasbourg
2 hours ago

Post author: Veikko
@ Ravintola Kantipur
7 hours ago
Kaunis vaahto, raikas

Post author: Belgisch Bierproject
Belgisch Bierproject
@ Lambicus bar
19 hours ago

Post author: Paulibeer
21 hours ago
Légère amertume, fresh

Post author: Siemen B
Siemen B
1 day ago
Lekker. Echt lekker. Elegant kleur en elegant glas. Op de Stafaaan