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Trappistenbrouwerij de Kievit B.V.
1173 ratings
Trappistenbrouwerij de Kievit B.V.

Abdij Maria Toevlucht is onderdeel van de Orde der Cisterciënzers van de Strikte Observantie, beter bekend als trappisten. Wij leven volgens de Regel van Benedictus (480-547). Hoofdaccent in die Regel is het “Ora et labora”: “bid en werk” in een regelmatige afwisseling doorheen de dag.

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Hoptimaal
21 days ago
Midsummer Day. Dock building continues. The weather is good.  🪚🔨🌞🍻 Surprisingly, I have never reviewed or even tasted this beer. A historical mistake that deserves to be corrected now. The beer wears a lucid copper veil. The carbonation is lively. A soapy yellowish head emerges on the top up to the level of three fingers and descends gradually lower but remains as a relatively impressive lacing anyway. The nose receives sweet malt, biscuit, orange peel, candi sugar and a twist of coriander seed. The sugar content is very decent to keep this approachable, at least in my olfactory analysis. The taste profile doesn't suffer from oversweetness. It's very manageable in that sense. On the other hand, alcohol refuses to stay hidden, releasing a moderately tangy impression on the tastebuds. Otherwise, the components include strong malt, biscuit, lemon peel, dried apricot, a piney splash and marginal whitepepper. It tweaks dry-hoppier than expected. Not bad though. The body is medium-full. Nice. The finish is more bitter citrusy and piney than sweet malty but the both spheres still remaining alive. Trappist monks in the mosh pit; stage diving Dalai Lama; feet covered in cut flowers; clean chakra, good karma, one with the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is medium-full, intense, slightly tangy, a tad dry but – controversially – lip-glueing. Also marginally alcoholic, though rather unobtrusive.

Post author: Anthony V
Anthony V
2 months ago
On essaye cette petite merveille vieillis quelque années en cave au visuel c'est une dinguerie un nuage de mousse bronze qui invite à la danse sur un noir cuivré des plus beau et en bouche c'est l'explosion de saveur de caramel avec des notes de cannelle une douce amertume viens donner une sensation agréable en fin de dégustation une petite merveille 💪

Post author: Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
2 months ago
Yrtit ja apilat nousee heti esiin, kinuskin tunnistaa vasta kuvauksen lukemisen jälkeen. Yllättävän toimiva yhdistelmä - ei silti mitään uusintakorin kamaa.

Post author: Valkonen J
Valkonen J
@ Supermercado
2 months ago
Maustettu olut, jossa hieman terävä maku. Erottuu edukseen massasta. Ei kuitenkaan pääse lähelle huippua.