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Union Camerounaise De Brasseries (UCB)
51 ratings
Union Camerounaise De Brasseries (UCB)

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Café Aleeno, Accra Kotoka Airport / Terminal 2 (Domestic)
5 months ago
A Root Beer, big bottle. Baby blue plastic mug. Way to go. 👍🏻 Looks like Coca-Cola. Sparkling and bubbly. Smells herbal. Can't actually tell what it contains, the label doesn't reveal it. Could be came sugar, maybe? The taste points at cane sugar, as well. Perhaps also cola bean. The mouthfeel is light, spritzy, soft-drink-like and herbal. Hmmm...

Post author: Honey Bier
Honey Bier
11 months ago
Na gut warum den mal nicht so ein Exot. Aus Afrika

Post author: Le Cerf BreSom
Le Cerf BreSom
1 year ago
Le périple Ivoirien 🇨🇮 qui se termine avec la Castel, cheers