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The Emsworth Brewhouse
5 ratings
The Emsworth Brewhouse
Havant, England

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Post author: Tom S
Tom S
2 years ago
A very strong citrus note, almost a session IPA

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ James' House
3 years ago
Bottle 198/240. Many elements of the base beer come through in this Laphroig barrel-aged version, showing similarities with my review from a year or so ago. Highly carbonated and volatile on opening. Thin mouthfeel that doesn’t compliment the flavour profile. The aroma is of earthy peaty single malt. Smoke flavours and some light creaminess comes through however they’re overshadowed by the huge hit of Laphroig that punches you in the face from the very first sip. If you’re a single malt fan you would absolutely love this. It took a while to grow on me as it’s so peaty and strong in flavour, but I got there in the end...

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Southwick Brewhouse
3 years ago
Not as smokey as other rauchbiers, but highly carbonated. Still heavy on the malt both in smoked and roast formats. Nice hoppiness in the finish. Probably the most liveliest beer I’ve had to be fair. Exploded on opening, poured like Niagra Falls, with the head disappearing quickly and with volatility. 20 minutes in and I can still hear it bubbling away over on the table.