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Dogfish Head Brewery
846 ratings
Dogfish Head Brewery
Milton, United States

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Post author: Ingy
5 days ago
Pale and fizzy, more like a lager than an IPA. Flavour is slightly citrus and sour, heavier than a lager. But cool and refreshing.

Post author: Manu M
Manu M
1 month ago
Leicht fruchtige Note und sehr lecker im Abgang

Post author: Matt Eagle22
Matt Eagle22
@ TAP Sports Bar
1 month ago

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
2 months ago
We've waited long enough, Ryan and I have waited long enough to open this. Expensive 15.3% special edition beer from Dogfish Head. Bottled in August 2022. Small, deep brown head. Aroma gives sweet, very deep roasted coffee. Texture is soft but has a crisp, dry quality. First sip is intensely coffee, roasted to the point of being burnt. A brief oak flavored maple appears then disappears. Then has a distinctive separation as it goes into the middle which is a heavy malt conveying a raw dark chocolate. A blanket of enveloping alcohol coats the entire mouth. Not surprising at 15.3%. As it travels into the finish, the coffee re-emerges to combine with the dark chocolate with a smooth blending sensation. The mouth is left bitterly dry while the alcohol travels to excite the back of the throat all the way down to the stomach. No hiding this alcohol. Flows straight to the head in a dizzying flash. Taste is excellent, from coffee to oak flavored maple to dark chocolate malt. Not complicated, very straightforward. Excellent!