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Pekkale Brewing
189 ratings
Pekkale Brewing

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Post author: Jyri H
Jyri H
@ K-Supermarket Pirana
15 days ago

Post author: Janetski
1 month ago
Hedelmäinen ja raikas! Hapokkuutta löytyy myös hyvin.

Post author: jari
@ Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot Oulu, 2022
3 months ago

Post author: Esko N
Esko N
@ Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot Oulu, 2022
3 months ago
Keltainen ja samea. Miedohko tuoksu. Ihan ok kirpeys, voisi olla voimakkaampikin. Hedelmäisyys on vahvaa; passion, mango ja aprikoosi maistuu reilusti. Kokonaisuus on hyvin hedelmäinen mutta varsin kepeä.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot Helsinki, 2022
4 months ago
SOPP 2022, Helsinki. 2nd week. Last week's selection was rather unimpressive, now there's a new line up of breweries and beers for this week. Let's see if this constellation tickles more my tastebuds. And again, the reviews will be short. Cloudy, mango-juice-colored beer. A creamy thin lacing forms on the top. Passionfruit, mango and apricot emanate to the nostrils. The taste profile is relatively sour: I'm getting sour apricot and mango, seasoned with bags of passionfruit. Maybe also a pinch of white guava and lemon zest. The body is light. The finish is identical. The mouthfeel is juicy, light, tart, puckering and somewhat acidic. Good #summerbeer22!

Post author: Ljungberg
@ K-Supermarket Rantakylä
5 months ago