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Asahara Brewery Co. Ltd
21 ratings
Asahara Brewery Co. Ltd

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Post author: One does not simply  .
One does not simply .
3 years ago
This was another dissapointment. I thought Japanese beer was the best but after drinking this the illusion is ruined. The rich taste makes you relax- my arse it does. Shame on you musashino

Post author: Aurélie S
Aurélie S
4 years ago
Cuivrée plutôt qu’ambrée

Post author: Miss Binouze !
Miss Binouze !
4 years ago
Super douce et fleurie j'adore... Et ben si je vais au Japon un jour je suis sauvée y'a de la bonne binouze 😂

Post author: Stephane C
Stephane C
@ Japón
4 years ago
Belle découverte parfumée