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Swans Brew Pub
3 ratings
Swans Brew Pub

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Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
A promising nose that has aromas including nutty, very mild roast coffee, scorched toffee, and chocolate. It seems a little like a light milk porter. It pours a beautiful rich dark brown with a loosely packed sticky looking head that lasts just a few minutes. Oh this is nice. It has a decent full body, and a rich but not quite creamy mouthfeel. The flavours are a well assembled blend of light chocolate, fire roasted nuts, and just the mildest bit of coffee. You can tell there are some hops as they have helped hold a sweetness down but doesn't eliminate it altogether. The hops seem to have only a little flavour but I'm picking up an herbal earthy note. I like this beer quite a bit. Fairly mild, malt forward, slightly sweet and hopped just right.

Post author: Karel
6 years ago
No thanks

Post author: Deborah
6 years ago
Sweet yet bitter finish to this stout.