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Up Front Brewing
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Up Front Brewing

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Post author: Kenny Rodger
Kenny Rodger
@ Discovery Beers
5 months ago
Really malty typical heavy, the abv is not obvious when drinking

Post author: Stu A
Stu A
7 months ago
Nice , different. Very lemony. I think I like it 👍🏼

Post author: Whaddya drink of that!?
Whaddya drink of that!?
8 months ago
Really nice beer the lemon is quite prominent and it does have a slight saltiness to it. Just seen pint please is going a bit head on with the adds and have introduced FREE SCANS they were always free. I'm not going to pay to use features I already had so I guess I'm off to untappd

Post author: Lillis
@ Ales & Brews
11 months ago
Kanske man ska börja lyssna på Techno? Den va fin denna och lättdrucken helt klart, passar nog bäst i solen tänker jag. Men blev långtråkig…