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Industrial Arts Brewing Company
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Industrial Arts Brewing Company
United States

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Post author: MikeStevenson11
2 months ago
First solo beer on the app Waiting for deer dinner

Post author: PixBoulder
@ Hazel's Beverage World
3 months ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
4 months ago
This has an earthy and spicy taste. Not what I was expecting but it is a “harvest” beer. There is a touch of malt that is toasted caramel lightly in the background. It has some fruitiness that leans towards pineapple & orange zest mainly. Now add in a tea-like taste with some hints of the marijuana to give it the earthy and spicy taste. There is a little more to the earthy and spicy taste I’m not touching on as this beer leans on that side overall. Overall this is quite nice and unique.