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Boulder Beer Company
207 ratings
Boulder Beer Company
Boulder, United States

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
3 months ago
Brought this back from Texas. Sad that the brewery has now closed. Look like they had some really interesting stouts and porters. Very high, very effervescent head. Just keeps lasting. Aroma is just heavy malt. Cola like color, doesn't appear to be heavy or thick on the pour. Texture is light and crisp, effervescence still abundant. Not a lot of flavor on the front, just roasted malt. Toward the middle a dark raw chocolate appears along with choices of faint raisin. Not getting much alcohol or the barrel aging but perhaps it's still too cold. Gave it some time to warm in my hand. Swirl the glass in the upper vescence still reappears. I truly believe this one was over carbonated. Warming helps. Still starts weak but the middle and finish have a stronger dark chocolate and the whiskey barrel alcohol starts to appear. A little better than average Brew.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ The Loft at the Iron Abbey
1 year ago
This has more of a milk chocolate taste than dark chocolate. Malty like a milkshake. Sweet with not much bitterness. Well carbonated as you can see. Very tasty.

Post author: RichardJRosas
1 year ago
The hopping is strong but good the looks dark beer. Irish beer you have to try

Post author: Sehr Scharf
Sehr Scharf
@ O'Learys
1 year ago

Post author: RichardJRosas
2 years ago
Has a good tastings beer a bit bitter but has a good taste

Post author: Stanislavs B
Stanislavs B
@ Miezis & ko
2 years ago
Bitter and strong, with some fruity aftertaste