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Lidl Supermercados S.A.U
228 ratings
Lidl Supermercados S.A.U

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Post author: Think
@ Lidl Coin
12 days ago
Kotisuomen punaista vastaava konsernitason tuote. Etiketti aavistuksen etelä-eurooppalaisempi.

Post author: Aubin L
Aubin L
@ Lidl Puerto del Carmen
15 days ago

Post author: Tomppa
@ Lidl Av. del Cosmos, Málaga
22 days ago
Yhdenmukainen muiden spanikkiholittomien kanssa; vetinen kokonaisuus. Maltaisuus vähän yrittää tulla suutuntuman, mutta jää silti laihaksi. Kyllä se alkoholi sen runsauden ja maun antaa olueen. Juo, jos olet absolutisti.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
24 days ago
I didn't have high hopes but at €1 for 1Ltr I couldn't resist. This poured easy enough and left a pale yellow body with lots of carbonation and a decent half finger of white foam with poor retention. Scents are generic pale lager, light wheat and barely, some citrus and some grass. In the mouth it feels nice, crisp and refreshing. Little to no foam but decent carbonation creates a ruckus on the tongue and goes down easy. Taste is fairly industrious, generic lager notes, the cereals dominate and the citrus can't be found. A little watery and grassy notes at the end and a mild inoffensive aftertaste. A very nice mass macro lager.

Post author: François Juno
François Juno
@ Lidl Belváros
2 months ago
C'est pas la pire que j'ai vu, pour vous dire le niveau.

Post author: Pertti E
Pertti E
@ Lidl Av. del Cosmos, Málaga
2 months ago
Hyvä janojuoma mutta ei herätä makunystyröitä