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Post author: Mickyp75
@ Plume of feathers
1 year ago
Creamy ale quite pleasant

Post author: PekoPeko
@ Drunken Monkey base
4 years ago
Interesting beer... Though I am not sure if it's interesting in a good way or in a bad way 😂. Quite spicy and not sweet. Other than that, I can't say much.

Post author: Drunken Monkey
Drunken Monkey
@ Drunken Monkey base
4 years ago
How suspicious can your beer be? This is a Debenhams Christmas Special Chilli Beer Challenge. 4x different 3% beer plus one cheapy beer glass in a single box for 15 pounds. Nowhere they mention the brewery. There is no ingredients liata besides "may contain barley". Bottles do not have barcodes. It eeriely feels like this was the idea of an adolescent son of the compartment store CEO: hahaha fun, let's see if we can find a Chinese supplier for it. This review is for Firey flavour. There is no smell to speak. It looks like beer... red tinted lager. No foam... completely flat. It doesn't taste like chili. Nor beer. More like bland dish water. But it burns. Not too much, just enough to give a decent kick in your throat. When the bubbles go to your nose, oh man, it feels like you just snorted a porcupine. But yes, I can handle this. Edit: Looks like this beer is rebranded and also can be found as Firey Chilli Beer from Arcadia Group.