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Hatherwood Craft Beer Company
5186 ratings
Hatherwood Craft Beer Company

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Lidl Lohja
8 hours ago
And again a renovation beer. Clear amber is the color. Carbonation is less arrogant than I anticipate but still reasonable. The forming foam is bright white with tiny bubbles. Powerful ginger lemonade is what I get in the air. Nice but somewhat sugary. Shouldn't be. The taste follows suit with sweet-leaning ginger lemonade. Malt features only in the far distance. A faint hoppy hint can be detected, as well, just barely though. The body is thin. I'm not surprised since the ABV clocks 4%. The finish gives what ginger can give at best: a piquant warming sensation, reminiscent of Asian dishes. Lovely. The world's spinnin' an' the aftertaste's dizzy! Don't be a bear be a grizzly! The mouthfeel is thin, piquant, spicy, warming, a bit sappy and soft-drink-like. Ginger beers are difficult to me, this one is quite okay.

Post author: Rob M
Rob M
@ Lidl Acton
1 day ago
Decent enough for a lidl ale 👍

Post author: Martin P
Martin P
8 days ago
Ihan kivan makuinen. Inkivääri olis voinut maistua hitusen enemmän muuten eritän mielytävä olut

Post author: VP S
9 days ago
Kelpo jano juoma. Ensimmäinen kokeilu inkivääri oluiden maailmaan