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Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery
12 ratings
Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery

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Post author: Andrei V
Andrei V
4 years ago
Good for its price,and for a regular lunch drink, or a casual one. The only beer I know from Moldova.

Post author: Ioan Dionisie
Ioan Dionisie
4 years ago
A nice strong beer, but its taste is not special at all. It is good for its price.

Post author: Veikko K
Veikko K
@ Eli-Pili
5 years ago
Turhan vetinen alkoholiton lager

Post author: Noël Mammaire
Noël Mammaire
6 years ago
Bière ordinaire qui vient de loin, pas foulée sur le nom les Moldaves 😅

Post author: Craft Beer Nomads
Craft Beer Nomads
7 years ago
Very malty amber ale. Some bitterness also. Quite bulk stuff