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Hope Beer
182 ratings
Hope Beer

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Post author: Vesku
@ Drinks of the World, Basel
1 month ago

Post author: Juho U
Juho U
@ Tesco Youghal
1 month ago
Hyvä helppo ipa, hyvät maltaat

Post author: Frank
@ Tesco Youghal
1 month ago
Good session IPA. Hazy colour, smooth taste, fine balans hops

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
2 months ago
A very nice foamy pour leaving a nice black body with a decent, mocha coloured foamy head. The scent is much like advertised some sweet chocolate malts at the start and lot of roast coffee on the aftertaste. To be honest, the coffee might be a little over roasted as it is a little too bitter to the point of being acidic. Mouthfeel is pleasent, slightly foamy and a little oily with mild carbonation. The taste is light sweetness and the intense bitterness plays well against it. Not much in terms of alcohol taste at only 5% but a very flavoursome beer.

Post author: Clusp
3 months ago
Fuck me this is sharp. Coconuty and really sharp. This will pucker you face, and suck in your cheeks. It's fruity but almost as is if the fruit is a little way off ripe. It's really sharp! If you like sour and sharp, or coconuts this dog will run. It's pointy it has edges.