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Burrow Hill Cider
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Burrow Hill Cider

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Post author: Ibanez1981
@ Burrow Hill Cider Farm
1 month ago
A tasty easy-drinking medium cider. No carbonation. A little sweeter than I would tend to go for, but still very enjoyable. Mother-in-law bought me a 4l flagon. Doesn't stay fresh for long, so better crack on with it!

Post author: Päivi K
Päivi K
@ Hell Hunt
2 months ago

Post author: AtomicDucks
@ The Duck and Rocket
1 year ago
500ml clear glass, crown cap; pours a clear bright rich medium golden, gentle carbonation, white head when poured, disappears quickly; on the nose delicate, clean and gentle, hints of ripe pears in the sunshine, honey sweetness mingles with a soft tartness reminding of overripe gooseberries, ghosts of horse blanket and farmyard; in the mouth dry and delicate, ever so gentle carbonation carries elegant yet crisp notes of pear and citrus, very clean and refreshing, light to medium mouthfeel, dripping with floral honey and lemon acidity; finish is short, but lingering long aftertaste of gentle honey and flower blossom; overall a very balanced clean tasting and easy drinking (perhaps too easy) perry bursting with delicate yet juicy pears – a true representation of what a great perry can (and should) be! Pairs rather well with a nice chunk of Manchego

Post author: Tommi M
Tommi M
@ Hell Hunt
2 years ago
Turpeinen sekä lantainen siideri. Perustavan makuista englantilaista.

Post author: Icarus1977
@ Rising Sun Hotel
2 years ago
Full of flavour slightly dry cider, very nice...

Post author: Lee A
Lee A
3 years ago
Think this was just water