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Crossed Anchors Brewery
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Crossed Anchors Brewery

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Post author: Timmerfy
@ Greendale Farm Shop
3 months ago
I like finding a new beer for this app it makes me smile 😁. This is a nice fruity beer but not as punchy as some others in the same mould. It comes in a 750ml bottle so plenty to sup. I like my beers super tasty and this is pleasant but not amazingly punchy. “Edit” I have done this beer an injustice, drink the the bottle before judging. This beer rocks my socks, yum yum 😋

Post author: Gerard D
Gerard D
6 months ago
Lovely tasting, golden, hoppy beer brewed by Crossed Anchors Brewing in Exmouth, England. A fine beer to savour by the river Exe. 4% English bitter.

Post author: Mick Downs
Mick Downs
@ The Grapevine
6 years ago
Wow! What a complex (but bootifull) ale. There is a citrus note but also an almost porter-like coffeeness nature to it too. Very smooth and a drinkability that belies its 4.6% strength. What could be better, enjoying a beer brewed in one's own home town drinking from one's own tankard in one's own home town. Exmouth has been improved by the birth of the Crossed Anchors Brewing company.