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Bright Brewery
20 Bewertungen
Bright Brewery

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Post author: michelelisa
@ Dan Murphy's
3 days ago
Loved it, tastes like yuzu, very refreshing, actually a sour not just citrus sour

Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
1 year ago
Citrusy but not bitter hops, nice texture, but couldn't taste or smell the Pina colada ...

Post author: Timmuera
@ Bo Gurks
2 years ago

Post author: Toby G
Toby G
2 years ago
Pleasantly surprised nice little pop of cherry actually made me want a old fashioned cocktail for a true comparison in flavour

Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
3 years ago
Gave it a second try, in a bar. Better, but rather too watery for an amber -- really, an amber-coliured lager.

Post author: Ilya M
Ilya M
3 years ago
This was genuinely undrinkable -- spoiled out of a closed can a month after packaging, terrible smell, huge foam, disgusting taste, still rinsing my mouth 10 minutes after trying one sip and pouring out the rest.