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De Kromme Haring
215 notes
De Kromme Haring
Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht Microbrewery and Brewpub run by brewmaster Stephen Grigg and beer-afficionado Gijs van Wiechen. We love well-made beers and happy and diverse yeasts (and hops and malts too).

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Post author: Tuija M
Tuija M
@ Het Lager Huys
2 months ago

Post author: Jean-Paul D
Jean-Paul D
@ Hof ten Berghe
3 months ago
Bruin ongefilterd bier, moutige zure fruitige pompelmoes smaak, droge zure afdronk

Post author: WexiLahti
@ OnderNulPuntVijf ONP5
3 months ago
Logging work outdoors 🌳🪵🪚 Exhausting. The sauna is warming up. Now an isotonic beer to get me back to life, that's what the can claims it to be. The pour is misty, noon sunshine yellow. The carbonation is suppressed (I opened the can outdoors though). A creamy head exceeds one finger and descends quickly to a thin lace ring that circles the top. A few horizontal traces can be spotted on the glass afterwards. A fruity scent that mixes up with soft biscuity nuances. Mango, apricot, apple at least cash be found. The malty side is fairly biscuity and cerealy, making the cocktail resemble a dry cake. Not bad, a bit like a Belgian Ale or Fruit Beer. The taste profile deviates from the path paved by the fragrance. I'm getting mango, apricot and apple, again, but also some orange juice and a suggestion of passionfruit. Wheat is obviously detectable in the maltbill, maybe also a hint of oat cracker. The biggest difference from the olfactory universe is, nevertheless, the good amount of salt on the tastebuds. Fits nicely here. The body is light. The finish is zesty and juicy, pretty much the same components as before prevail here. Sand diver, you've been down too long in the midnight sea; oh, what's becoming of me? Ride the tiger, you can see the aftertaste and you know it's clean; oh, don't you see what I mean? The mouthfeel is light, zesty, juicy, pulpy and extraordinarily refreshing. It's also soft, smooth, clean, balanced and nicely flavorful. I can't verify how isotonic this is, is it the salt that makes it isotonic or what? Anyway, I feel less exhausted now. The beer has helped. Or lying on the sofa. 😅 A tasty piece anyway!