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Once Upon A Tree
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Once Upon A Tree

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Post author: AtomicDucks
1 year ago
750ml clear class; pours a deep crystal clear deep copper to ruby red, gentle carbonation; on the nose oodles of cherries, tobacco and herbal characters, in the mouth the gentle fizz creates a lively refreshing cider, in the background is soft sweetness, followed by dry ripe cherry notes, almonds, reminding of Bakewell tarts and rounding off with gentle tannins; overall a lovely fruity Co-fermented cider which would pair really well with a Bakewell tart or something rich like wild boar sausages perhaps - or indeed just on its own!

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
6 years ago
The irony of this beer festival - is that the best drink is a cider. As the clouds close in and the sun sinks, I'm on my third half of this local beauty. It's medium sweet and full of all the earthy, apple flavours you'd hope for. So very drinkable and yet disguising of its strength. Fresh, tart and lovely. And I suspect, the reason that even after a lift home through the lanes I'm spaced out like a Luna monkey.