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Last Rites Brewing
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Last Rites Brewing

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Cellarbrations, Argyle St.
5 years ago
Foggy, deep orange beer with lively, really hasty carbonation lays a white, whipped-creamy head that initially exceeds one and half fingers. The foamy pillow shrinks soon to slightly soapy bubbly ring and frazil-icy lacing on top. The withdrawing foam paints the glass with multiple tiny vertical splashes. The fragrance portrays a faintly musty, farmhousey aroma, a smaller dollop of pineapple juice, a drop of orange nectar and a little bit of dried coconut flesh. The gustatory package displays bitter orange pulp and light-hoppy pale malt, seasoned with a mild cocktail of pineapple zest, lemon pulp, coconut water and dried coconut flesh. The body is light. The beer finishes with bitter orange peel, semisour lemon pulp and a tad lemon peel and light-crisp hops. I also get a pinch of dried coconut flesh but pineapple is now absent. The aftertaste slams the taste receptors for some time. The mouthfeel is light, colossally tropical, distantly crisp, a bit lip-glueing and somewhat funky.

Post author: Dezel
7 years ago
Not bad for IPA but not a fan of IPA's