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Noctua Microbrewery Athens
85 ratings
Noctua Microbrewery Athens

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Post author: Mark
@ Zero Cafe
4 months ago
Not sure if I'm imagining it or if it actually is thicker and creamier than a normal IPA? Blindfolded I think I'd still pick up some sort of porter/malty taste to it.

Post author: vautere
@ Karpathos Cafe
4 months ago
Kevyt neipa, ei kovin troopinen. Mosaic tekee gutaa.

Post author: Bliard A
Bliard A
@ Beer Time
4 months ago
Une très bonne IPA grecque !

Post author: Berliini Erich
Berliini Erich
@ Snack Bar
5 months ago
1001 important as any other beer. Great beer and I really adore it. Fantastic IPA. Great bootle design. Top Bier. Geiles IPA. 1001 so wertvoll wie die 1000 und wir versprochen höre ich nicht auf. Tosi hyvä olut.