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Woof and Brew LTD
6 ratings
Woof and Brew LTD
United Kingdom

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Post author: Ville
8 months ago
Dog enjoyed for a moment

Post author: Rob M
Rob M
2 years ago
I'll ask him when he's finished 🐶 Update: He wouldn't touch this and he licks his own arse 👎🏻

Post author: Gilles M
Gilles M
2 years ago
Pour l’anniversaire de Laika odeur de pissenlit elle en a goûté un peu mais elle aime pas

Post author: Börsta Larska
Börsta Larska
@ Ihmeotus
4 years ago
Aluksi näytti maistuvan, mutta ei mennyt kokonaan vaikka koira tykkää kaikesta

Post author: Aleksi M
Aleksi M
5 years ago
Kanan makuinen koirien olut

Post author: Antony C
Antony C
7 years ago
Wow. Had me howling at the moon and licking my own........ Lips. Tail chasingly good!