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Mongoose Brewing Company
16 ratings
Mongoose Brewing Company

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Post author: Oliver S
Oliver S
9 months ago
Had a couple of these right in Jinhook in Worksop, very tasty lager

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
3 years ago
A true gem! Zesty, fruity, floral and spicy with a sharp bitter taste and a refreshingly clean finish. There’s a real bite somewhere which adds to the overall flavour. Goes down incredibly well with curry dishes. A winner for me!

Post author: Luke Whitehall
Luke Whitehall
3 years ago
A curry staple

Post author: Jalaski
5 years ago
Ihan OK lager, maussa aavistus humalaa ja intialainen vivahde, joka ei onneksi ole korianteri.