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Hahn Brewing Company (Lion Co.)
60 betyg
Hahn Brewing Company (Lion Co.)

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Post author: Imusieni J
Imusieni J
@ La Pizza
1 year ago
Nyt niin super Dry, että ei oikein maistu miltään. Tästä oluen juonnin aloittelijoille oiva olut.

Post author: Jon®
@ DouglieOuglie
2 years ago
Cracking beer from the Sugar Free stable 🤩 Fresh as can be. Just lovely this one.

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
3 years ago
A super refreshing lager which pours a bright straw colour with a light grainy aroma. The taste is pleasantly dry, with grassy notes and a crisp finish. Plus it’s sugar free and low in carbs. Best served ice cold for the best taste.