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Scofflaw Brewing Co
49 ratings
Scofflaw Brewing Co
United States

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Post author: BeerBoy Reidster
BeerBoy Reidster
20 days ago
Real smooth for a 10%er

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
7 months ago
Having this Mexican lager with my son-in-law in Texas using Duo to do a simultaneous rating. Has such a light color in the glass that I'm concerned that it may have no flavor. Aroma has corn malt and a little sweetness, stronger than expected. Flavor, I expected it to be super weak, is wonderful. First impression comes from the corn flake quality with malt and sweetness that seems unrefined and natural. Add to the flavor is a mild lime citrus characteristic. Much more flavor than the color infers. Very smooth, very drinkable, and as the finish arrives it has an additional salty nuance. Is this a great beer, no. But as a Mexican style lager it is the best that I have had. Enjoyed this very much and wish I could have had it with a Mexican meal. For me, Scofflaw did an excellent job with this brew and I highly recommend.