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Smuttynose Brewing Company
300 ratings
Smuttynose Brewing Company
Hampton, United States

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Post author: Quentin M
Quentin M
10 months ago
Bonne bière avec des notes de citrouille, des notes rondes de caramel, des notes d'épices et des houblons floraux

Post author: Felix404
1 year ago
Was hoping to like this more, it just didn’t have the flavor punch I was expecting. Decent strength and drinkability, but could use a more distinct flavor.

Post author: Phillip Desrosiers
Phillip Desrosiers
1 year ago
Smuttynose brewing co Hampton, New Hampshire

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
2 years ago
A good basic IPA. Has a citrus taste that is mainly orange. Has a touch of pine. Hoppy bitterness is almost at a medium level. Has a light caramel malt background. Just a really good basic IPA. Sometimes it’s good to go basic. Hanging at my neighbors tiki bar he built. Basic using pallets and some plywood. Looks great.

Post author: Pferland
3 years ago
A nice sour beer that isn't too sour but gives that nice side of the tongue bite with a nice soft finish.