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Cerveja Musa
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Cerveja Musa
Lisboa, Portugal

Musa is a beer for folks who think “I really feel like having a beer” made by folks who think “I really feel like brewing beer”. We used recipes from the olden days and traditional craftsman methods to create a revolutionary beer. So revolutionary it should wear a beret instead of a cap.

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Post author: Karmic
5 days ago
Trop content de me descendre à nouveau cette belle IPA portugaise qui envoie du très très lourd

Post author: Morm
19 days ago
Bonne amertume pas beaucoup de gaz

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
24 days ago
Have been looking forward to this for my last night in Portugal. Very smooth pour, left a golden yellow body with a slight amber hue and trace amount of white head. Scent erupted out of the bottle as soon as I opened it, tonnes of bitter malts and juicy notes. Some sweet citrus, juicy melon, mango and pineapple. Mouthfeel is pleasant, a nice bite at the start before the juiciness of the medium body hits. There is a mild foaminess that contrasts well with the decent carbonation. Taste is a nice balance of bitter malts and juicy fruit. Some biscuit and caramel malts at first before the bitter pale malt kicks in. The citrus and tropical fruits roll in to take center stage but the bitterness maintains itself well throughout. A cracking ipa.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
28 days ago
Another nice eye catching bottle from Musa. Poured nice and smooth, looking golden yellow to transparent, like a lager. When it settled the body was golden yellow with a mild haze and only trace amounts of white foam. Scent is lucious, light pine, mango, citrus with a little melon and lychee at the end. The feeling in the mouth is a little limp, no initial bite. Thebody finds some texture thanks to the oats and becomes softly foamy the rest of the way. Taste carries alot of fruity flavours well, juicy mango with melon and citrus paves into the barley malt that has its bitterness softened by the oats. This blurs the lines between PA and IPA but it's a delicious beer all the same.

Post author: Mark S
Mark S
30 days ago
Have finally found some good beer but can't find a good glass. Nice looking bottle and a smooth pour to boot, giving a deep dark brown in colour with one finger of mocha coloured foam that quickly settled to just some trace patches here and there. Scents of dark chocolate, burnt espresso and a little brown sugar. In the mouth it feels light bodied with lots of acute carbonation, and a slight foamy residue in the end. Taste is overly roasted coffee, some sweet toffee at first. The chocolate has become subdued with a distinct sweetness of the oats coming to the fore, before it all fades to leave a cinder aftertaste. A decent stout all the same