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Lost Industry Brewing
44 arviota
Lost Industry Brewing

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Post author: Rachel M
Rachel M
@ Lost brewing co
9 months ago
Very nice fruity beer. However very strong, you can taste the alcohol after taste prominently. You can tell why they call it ‘Loose Juice’ 😏

Post author: LiamArc
@ Beers of Europe Warehouse
11 months ago

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ James' House
1 year ago
Beer 18 Advent 2022 Another new Brewery And another style I wouldn’t normally go for An almost salty flavour, quite clean and crisp but the yeasty sourness of these styles aren’t for me An okay beer but not for me

Post author: Jericho
@ Lost brewing co
2 years ago
Hoppy beer with a citra twist. The flavour is good, full with a bitter aftertaste. All in all, this was pleasant.