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Von Trapp Brewing
35 arviota
Von Trapp Brewing
Stowe, United States

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Post author: Jon®
@ Admirals Lounge Philadelphia
11 days ago
The soup in the background of the picture was much much tastier and I could even have another plate of that. Vienna Lager is a NO NO 👎 with the taste of flowers and the hurting bite at the back of my throat it was a no from the first sip. Couldn’t even finish the glass

Post author: Forgette S
Forgette S
5 months ago
On tap at Albany beer hall in Albany NY. This is one fine balanced Pilsner. Character and depth of hops…

Post author: SilviaM.
6 months ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ North Penn Beverage
8 months ago
Having a Thursday treat. This has a Smokey taste that leans towards oak smoke with some light meat/bacon to it. Not overwhelming - makes a medium level. Has light semi-sweet caramel malt that is slightly nutty with very light dark fruit. Has some light herbal hops that evens this one out. Now the maple - it is actually fairly subtle. It makes it’s presence more known about half way though but way in the background. Adds a little sweetness. Complements the beer more than anything. So good I’m having another.

Post author: Sehr Scharf
Sehr Scharf
@ Tritt - Alpe
1 year ago