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Tupps Brewery
8 ratings
Tupps Brewery
McKinney, United States

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Post author: RichardJRosas
2 months ago
Okay beer sweet beer

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
4 months ago
Seems like all my beers lately have been Duos with my son-in-law. This is another Texas Mexican style lager. It has almost no head and very little effervescence. Looks flat. Very pale yellow color. Faint aroma of sour lime. Doesn't have much flavor. Tastes like corn cereal with a small squeeze of overripe lime. Tart finish that turns dry. I didn't enjoy any of this beer. From start to finish it had no positive traits. Just not a good beer.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ San Antonio Beer Festival 2021
1 year ago
At the 2011 San Antonio Beer Festival. Fun day with my son-in-law. At 12.8% this is a little stronger than their normal on tap brew. Full brown head. Wow this is excellent. Heavy and creamy texture. An abundance of pumpkin, nutmeg, spice, and a relatively acceptable alcohol burn during the finish. Great beer.