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Jester King Brewery
124 notes
Jester King Brewery
Austin, United States

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
1 month ago
Been awhile since we've had a Duo. Brought this from Texas. Jester King is an outstanding Brewery in Austin and this is one of their best. For the first time since 2011, Black Metal will be distributed in Texas with a very limited release. Super dark brown head, almost black in color. Aroma gives away that this is going to be a very heavy sweet malt. Texture is heavy but crisp, not sticky or syrupy at all. Flavors happen fast, in quick succession. Takes three to four sips just to come to terms with it. It first, quickly, has a bready toast, then gone. Followed by a smooth, very deep roasted sweet malt. As it matures in the mouth, a bittersweet chocolate comes to the surface. It rests for an extended long middle, delivering a wonderful, mellow and relaxing moment before moving into the finish. After an eternity, the finish adds a brief glimpse of a coffee style hoppy bitterness. This is not an in-your-face screaming powerful Stout. It's smooth, deep roasted and mellow characteristics that makes you want to just sit back and relax. Really good.

Post author: orson
@ Drikbeer
3 months ago
Lääkemäinen, mentholia, appelsiinin kuorta. Ei hyvä.

Post author: Blake A
Blake A
5 months ago
Good beer and good amount of sour. Can’t quite pinpoint the flavor of the beer but whatever it is I like it. I’m beginning to be a slut for sours.