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Pash The Magic Dragon 4.3%, Batch Brewing Company (AUS), Australia
2 ratings
Pash The Magic Dragon
4.3% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Carriageworks Night Market 2019
4 years ago
Pash The Magic Dragon, Australia
Carriageworks Night Market 2019. The beer is enjoyed straight from the can. The nose receives hefty zesty passionfruit and a tad lemon pulp. The gustatory offer includes massive passionfruit, hefty lemon pulp, a tad carambola and a distinct aroma of pitahaya. The body is light-medium. The beer ends with overwhelmingly sour passionfruit that more or less kills all other nuances. I only discover lemon in the background. The mouthfeel is substantially tart and truly puckering. It's also very juicy, relatively summery and dry.

Post author: Sam S
Sam S
@ Batch Brewing Company
5 years ago
Pash The Magic Dragon, Australia
A really nice passionfruit sour. Fruity with passionfruit really evident, with a really potent sourness in the end. A bit malty and more sweet body, but a really nice sour.