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Quartz Heart 4.6%, Quartz Brewing, England
6 ratings
Quartz Heart
4.6% Premium Bitter / Strong Bitter / ESB
SEE, Copper. SMELL, Roasted Nuts, Vanilla, Fruity. TASTE, Sweet, Malty, Coffee Hints. Nice beer, I'd describe it as between a Ruby and a dark golden ale. Very vinager like smell, and slightly sour taste but very drinkable.


Post author: JanSon
@ Mckenzies in the city
4 years ago
Quartz Heart, England
A very nice Amber ale. Malt and hop balance.

Post author: Dazzz66
@ Co-op, Stretton
4 years ago

Post author: Tony O
Tony O
5 years ago
This beer tastes a lot stronger than its low ABV and has the taste of a home brew

Post author: Gaz Frosdick
Gaz Frosdick
@ The Wheatsheaf
5 years ago
This is the dogs nob! Served at cellar temperature in the wheatsheaf, tried a sample before i bought it and nearly spaffed in my undies!

Post author: Woodster182
5 years ago
Not my favourite quartz beer but still very drinkable. Rich and quite heavy so more of a winter tipple than a summer drink in my opinion

Post author: Mick D
Mick D
5 years ago
Great little beer, sour and bitter to the taste. Perfectly complemented the steak and blue cheese sauce I had.