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Quisqueya Light 4.3%, Cervecería Vegana, Dominican Republic
2 ratings
Quisqueya Light
4.3% Pilsner


Post author: Thibault S
Thibault S
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Super Pola Sosúa
5 years ago
This is my lucky day: I found a beer that is the LIGHT version of a beer I earlier gave one star. This will be really amazing! This beer has also a transparent, deep golden color. Carbonation is no different from the "mother" beer of Quisqueya Extra. The head follows along the same lines with one-finger, white, soft cotton top. The foam lingers on the surface for a rather long time. The scent is, again, strange with sugary, standard pale malt. The corn-adjuncted fragrance reveals corn starch and cereals. The taste is characterized by sweet corn starch, cereals and corn grits. Biscuity and corn-cakey notes season the palate. The body is light but probably not thinner than that of Quisqueya Extra. The brew ends soon with the identical corny, cerealy elements as the actual taste. The same words describe also this beer's aftertaste as Quisqueya Extra: thin, soft, smooth, cheap and adjuncted. Fortunately this beer has been bottled in 0.65 liter bottles. It would be really sad if this noble brew had finished prematurely ;) [...] Well, the truth is, however, that I managed to drink perhaps 1 dl and the rest went down to drainage. I can't make a difference between Quisqueya Light and Quisqueya Extra, for me, they are equally crappy.