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Brew №1 - Vanilla Mild 3.6%, Rudgate Brewery, England
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Brew №1 - Vanilla Mild
3.6% Mild Ale


Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Dartford WMC
3 years ago
Brew №1 - Vanilla Mild, England
Nothing wrong with a nice Mild Ale and a this is particularly tasty. The expected low ABV, however, a nice vanilla flavour and aftertaste. Enjoyable.

Post author: Barchetta
@ The Wharf
6 years ago
Brew №1 - Vanilla Mild, England
First of the eve. Whilst being a low ABV to work up from it sounded interesting. Can't really describe beyond 'interesting'. There is a bitterness in mouthfeel a little tang of toffee on swallow and a hint of Vanilla very briefly.

Post author: Jug
6 years ago