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Winterfish Seasonal Ale 7.5%, Fish Brewing Company, United States
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Winterfish Seasonal Ale
7.5% India Pale Ale


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
6 years ago
Winterfish Seasonal Ale, United States
I think I got a mislabeled beer. My bud said this was a hoppy IPA type beer that was a light amber. Well mine is super dark like a brown ale. I googled it and looked at reviews. Hoppy seems to be the theme and a light golden amber or hazy amber color. Mine is like a brown ale. Caramel malt. Slightly nutty. Some hops to it but it is more on the sweet side. Nothing like my bud said. I think I got a brown ale labeled incorrectly. Does that pic show a light / hazy colored amber??? Not. I do need to add that it was a decent beer. What ever I did drink.